pexels-photo-296878Got inspired

So I started this website because I was inspired to get creative and do something online. That’s fine, but there are so many things out there now that one can get lost in a sea of ideas. Do I make a blog and talk about my boring life of work and rest? Do I get involved in the endless opportunities to make money online and retire early? Do I build a business and join the ranks of endless “Guru’s” offering a path to riches for a small investment into my how to plan? Definitely not on the last one. The online community has a boat load of that going on as it is.

What then?

Well I really like the idea of creating extra income so that I can  fast forward my retirement. I looked at affiliate marketing and Amazon stores, Shopify stores. Tried my hand at them and I can see the potential. According to the countless Youtube videos and how to marketing plans out there, someone is making a lot of money with this stuff.

Separating the fact from the myths is the hard part. I can see in my two months of delving into this stuff that there is just a lot of garbage out there. And for the information that is actually true and useful, it’s dated or may have changed just because the market has changed.

Google, Bing, Twitter and Facebook marketing are constantly changing things. Upgrading its procedures and analytics and cost. It’s really difficult to keep up with it all. But somehow a lot of twenty something men and mostly are finding a pot of wealth in all of this online future. They aren’t spending their days racking up student loan debt in college. They are creating their future using the internet.

Looking for my spot

So I’m going to keep trying a few things and hopefully find the niche that will work for me. This is work and I mean like a second full time job. Maybe if I find that sweet spot I can create a whole new life and income for myself online. Wish me luck.