Tony Robbins is an amazing gift to us. He is so inspirational and I just enjoy reading his books and listening to his audio recordings and of course watching his videos. There is much to gain from his wisdom and experiences with unlocking the potential in people. And it’s with incredible pleasure that I take a moment to give you a glimpse into this book.

It’s a must read if you want a treasure chest of direction and advice as well as the unique approach Tony gives us as we begin to see money in a wholesome way.

Let me start by saying the book opens with 29 fans of Tony Robbins sharing words of thanks and adoration for the work and inspiration he created in their lives. From President Clinton to Carl Icahn, Oprah Winfrey, Kyle Bass, Steve Forbes, T Boone Pickens, Dianne Sawyer, Steve Wynn, and Serena Williams to name a few. These men and women are legends and brilliant investors or celebrities who have benefited from the influence of Tony’s advice.

But this book was written for everyday people like you and me so that we can really get an understanding about our personal finances and make wise decisions. Our future to live a great life really depends on our doing the right things now. So Tony has interviewed 50 of the most successful financial legends to get the inside scoop on what is the simplest way to wealth. He’s narrowed it down to 7 simple steps to financial freedom.

Tony opens chapter one with It’s Your Money! It’s Your Life! Take Control! He talks about creating an Income for Life. In chapter two he destroys nine myths about money and investing I promise you it will be a real eye opener. In chapter three Tony writes about the price of your dream and how we can make it winnable. He talks about building a plan to get there. In chapter four he talks about the importance of Asset Allocation and how it’s the key to long term investment. There are insights and concepts that master investors like Carl Icahn have used to produce winning investment portfolios for years and years.

There are insights and concepts that master investors like Carl Icahn, David Swensen, Warren Buffett, Mary Callahan and Sir John Templeton share in this book, that gives us a look into how the .001 %, The ultra-billionaires invest their money.

Buy it now by clicking on the photo above. You won’t regret this investment in your future.