What are you doing? That is what I have begun asking myself this year. What are you doing to better yourself? What are you doing to better and enrich the people around you? Whether it be family or friends, neighbors or coworkers. I recently came to some sort of new excitement about the future. I don’t just want to work and exist. I don’t just want to be happy with my life. I want to find ways to be a source of happiness and enrichment to others.

I’ve always had a good attitude about life. I always say hello to strangers I encounter throughout the day. I know how to be polite and respectful to the lovely and not so lovely people I come in contact with. But for some reason, I feel it’s time to go beyond my comfort zone and look deep within and find the gift that God placed inside of me for mankind.

My challenge to my fellow brothers and sisters is simple. Let’s do something extraordinary for ourselves and others this year.

Make 2017 Extraordinary! Best wishes my friends for a bright and prosperous 2017.